I was interested in art, books, and learning from an early age. Thankfully, my parents fostered those interests and even supported my major in art in college. When I wasn’t painting, sculpting, and throwing clay on a wheel (and sometimes the wall), I worked my way through school. I worked with multicultural student groups and educational access programs. These experiences shaped how I view my role in the world today.

I began my career at a great non-profit in Washington, DC, the Council for Opportunity in Education, that took a chance on hiring a naive kid from Wyoming. I started as an administrative assistant to the Vice President of Academic Affairs. My nitpicking over the spelling, grammar and layout of the division’s materials got the attention of the Communications department and within a year a position had been developed for me, Publications Manager. Over the next three years I would see regular promotions until finally I was Director. I wrote copy, op-eds, newsletters, and even produced three live satellite shows. I am forever grateful for the many hats I wore during my time in DC.

Rather than letting myself get too comfortable, I left my position to go back to the University of Wyoming as a master’s student in American Studies. While it was quite a budgetary adjustment, it was a wonderful time of my life and a fantastic program. I can make the argument that American Studies prepared me for any job if you let me.

After graduate school, I took a position as a project coordinator with the Cent$ible Nutrition Program with the University of Wyoming Extension. This proved to be a truly rewarding job working with remarkable people. I wrote copy, produced videos, and provided the program with graphic design. I received promotions there as well and left as the Marketing Coordinator.

Now I live in beautiful Boise, Idaho with my husband, Andy, and our two dogs, Belle and Winston. I dove into Boise with both feet and am an active member of the Junior League of Boise and the Women’s Fly Fishers of Idaho. When I am not fiddling on the computer or learning something new I am challenging myself on a river with a fly rod in hand.

I enjoy working as a freelance publications and project manager, writer, and graphic designer. I am available for projects both large and small. If you would like to discuss possible design, writing or publication management projects, please email me through the contact form here.